About Michael

HeadshotDr. Michael Howard is the author of a new parenting guide, told from his unique perspective as a father and a leading pediatrician, with over 40 years of experience in private, clinical, and hospital practice.

In his upcoming book he will share ways each parent can develop and enhance their own unique parenting style while building confidence in their parenting decisions, as long as they are based on a few key – and simple – principles.

He was a frequent media spokesperson for the University of Louisville School of Medicine’s Department of Pediatrics, both locally and nationally, he has spoken on all aspects of children’s health, development, behavior, and well-being.

He was also the founder and director of the Pediatric International Adoption Clinic, which provides a comprehensive service for prospective and current adoptive parents in the Kentucky and Southern Indiana region, as well as for the internationally-born children they adopt.

He was chosen as one of the best General Pediatricians in Louisville in 2012 by Best Doctors, Inc. and one of the Top Pediatricians of America by the Consumer Research Council in 2002.

5 thoughts on “About Michael

  1. Jim Acosta says:

    Congratulations Michael on the launch of your website!! What a great website and a good service/reference for parents.
    Warm Regards,

  2. Stephanie C. Gibson says:

    Michael congrats on the new website. I am so excited for you and happy to be a friend on the journey!

  3. Patricia Duffy says:

    No matter where one is in the parenting journey, Michael has tremendous insights — and he’s not preaching smoke and mirrors but what comes from the heart. Parents and children rejoice (and listen)!

  4. I’m not a parent but I am a ‘cool aunt’ and a woman others often confide in. And what you’re saying, Michael, is so true. Young parents are caught between the joy and chaos of raising their kids but always wondering if they are on the right track. Cool that you are taking a more relaxed and individual approach vs ‘tiger moms’ or ‘French moms’ or whatever impossible concept is next!

  5. Debbie Myhre says:

    Michael – Congratulations on your website! I am looking forward to your book – even though our son is an adult – we know parenting never ends no matter how old your children are.